Viera |

Escort girl
Alter24 jahreEssenSteak, Slovak, Italian, Sushi
Größe173 cmTrinkenMartini
Gewicht65 kgParfümCalvin Klein
BH85 CMusikpop
Schuhgröße39SprachenEnglish (medium)
Kleidungelegant, sporty, sporty elegant, sexyRauchensometimes
Kledergröße36/38ReisenEurope, worldwide
AugenfarbebrownHobbybooks, cinema, gym, naildesigning
Haarfarbebrown with blond ombreBeruf

My name is Viera, I am an attractive, intelligent girl what know what she want. I am a talkative, open, lovely, positive person. I like traveling, meeting with new people,visiting new cities and countries. My wish is to be your perfect companion - your girlfriend, your dream date. I'm here to provide you with a completely relaxing and unforgettable experience.